• EN ISO 20847

    Methods of test for petroleum and its products

  • EN ISO 2592

    Determination of flash and fire points. Cleveland open cup method

  • EN ISO 3104

    Methods of test for petroleum and its products. Petroleum products. Transparent and opaque liquids. Determination of kinematic viscosity and calculation of dynamic viscosity

  • EN ISO 3105

    Glass capillary kinematic viscometers

  • EN ISO 3405

    Determination of distillation characteristics at atmospheric pressure

  • EN ISO 3675

    Crude petroleum and liquid petroleum products. Laboratory determination of density. Hydrometer method

  • EN ISO 3993

    Liquefied petroleum gas and light hydrocarbons. Determination of density or relative density. Pressure hydrometer method

  • EN ISO 5163

    Petroleum products. Determination of knock characteristics of motor and aviation fuels. Motor method